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Bad Blogging

So, its 10pm Saturday night, I am in bed on my laptop finally starting my blog.  I was meant to start it on Thursday when I started my diet and training regime but being a mum, working, training and dieting have kept me busy.  Anyway, no more excuses.  I am going to update it everyday except Sundays.

So far I have kept to a diet of fresh foods only.  I have been on my Vacufit trainer on Thursday and Friday so far and I am back in again on Monday for my next session.

I will post a video of the machines in action so you can see exactly how they work.  In the mean time I want to share a link with you all about intermittent fasting.  Over the next four weeks I wish to share with you some of the diet/training and nutritional information that has caught my attention recently.  Intermittent fasting is something I have started as it suits my lifestyle, its not for everyone but its definitely worth looking at.  Enjoy…




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